Monday, June 29, 2015

CiM 533: Blue-Yah!

CiM Blue-Yah! - a well-behaved, dark transparent aqua. Just an absolutely gorgeous dark aqua, intense enough to be used thin and still be colourful, and not so intense that thick layers of it no longer read as a nice, useful colour.

As you can see from the mostly used rod, what you see is absolutely what you get. 

The colour seems very familiar - like I've seen it somewhere before.

And you know it is hard to photograph aqua and get an accurate colour. Maybe I need something for reference ... .

Wait a minute ... .

 There you go! CiM Blue-Yah! is exactly the colour of Windex.

Now, I don't know if there are regional variations in Windex. I don't know if US Windex is tinted a different colour from Canadian Windex, or if Windex in Sweden is a different colour from Windex in France. 

Hmmm  - according to the S.C. Johnson website - that colour is Liquitint® Sky Blue. How cool is knowing that?

Here they are, back lit.

I'm pretty sure that naming this colour "Windex" would be a major bad idea and rain down lawyers - but having a glass the colour of glass cleaner is a nice little piece of apropos, don't you think?

And if you have ever looked at a bottle of Windex and thought - damn, I wish there was a glass that colour - well - there is. Blue-Yah!

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