Sunday, May 17, 2015

Effetre 856 Cave Green

Well - isn't this an interesting colour? Cave Green.

The rod is green with a blue core, and you get streaky blue and green beads.

Except - it isn't that simple. This glass strikes from blue grey to green.

Which I have to admit, I have not seen before.

 Ok - here's a rod end. Note the green rod, but the blue end.

 And a selection of beads.

Note the variety of colours.

This bead, the arrows show where I let the bead cool and then hit it with the flame. The edges of those heated spots are  green.

These bead - with ivory dots, also shows the colour variation. Looking at these dots - it almost looks like the ivory reacts more strongly with the glass when it is green, and less so when it stays blue-grey.

Very, very interesting. This glass is not new - but definitely deserves a second or third look! 

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