Monday, November 24, 2014

Dragon Eye Cabochons - Frit

I use twisties a lot for the iris pattern of my Dragoneyes - but frit works just as well. I was taking a little trip through the packages of GOK frit that I have accumulated over the years. (GOK = God Only Knows.) When you first start lampworking - you tend to buy frits, not realizing how long they are going to last you. Years later - you still have them.

Knowing a bit more than I did when I acquired them, I even got some better results than in the past.

This was "Iris Blue Transparent" - an  104 COE frit with a product code of 346145-1 - over a base of ivory.

 This was another 104 frit called "Copper Ruby," on ivory, with a product code of 346015-1.
 This pair of very lizardy eyes are a Kugler frit - K-215 "Gold Brown" in size 00. I really like this finer grain of frit. Again, on ivory.

The top one is "Magic" (not Dark Magic) - on ivory, reduced and then unreduced, because I didn't like it. It went surprisingly pale under the encasing. The bottom two are Kugler Iris Gold (K-218) - size #1 - quite a bit larger than the #00.

All of these were labeled as reducing frits, but I didn't reduce them (except the one I then unreduced.) They were all layered over ivory, which has mostly reacted strongly with them to create interesting colours and to turn the ivory between the frit chunks a dark grey - almost black.

I particularly like the Kugler Gold Brown ones - not because they are a "pretty" colour (the Iris Blue Transparent was prettier) but because they are almost creepily convincing.

And when it comes to rendering dragon body parts - pretty doesn't really fit the mandate. ;-)

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