Wednesday, September 03, 2014

A New Direction

The Watcher from the Forest Floor. 18 cm long.
Lately - I have had a certain level of dis-satisfaction with my glass creations. A dissatisfaction that I have come to think of as "the tyranny of the bead hole."

I have come to that place where I do not want to make "beads" anymore - beads being uniform, smooth round objects with neat puckered holes and are destined to be strung onto personal adornment items.

It's not that I don't like beads any more - it has more to do with wanting to break free of the restrictions of making it wearable (glass is heavy, glass is sharp, glass can break), and wanting to move out and explore other aspects of the glass.

I recently had a few "aha" moments - that have opened up doors into new worlds of possibilities.

This is the beginning of what I hope will be a brand new exploration. A new direction in personal vision. ;-)


  1. It's absolutely wonderful!
    I wonder did you made flowers on the end of mandrel, or they are "sitting" on the bead?

  2. This definitely looks like a big "aha" moment. Wonderful! I'm lovin' it. Are you using soda-lime glass?

  3. Thank you! Yes - these are soft glass. The flowers are made on the end of a mandrel, but I incorporate a wire into the glass base to use to attach to the base, and don't use the hole left by the mandrel at all.