Friday, August 08, 2014

CiM 614 Jellyfish (Colour Shift)

Meet CiM Jellyfish - a colour shift glass like the colour in commercial beads known as "Alexandrite" - and like the Effetre 081 Dark Lavender.

 This colour of glass looks blue in cool, fluorescent light, and mauve in warm light, like incandescent or sunlight.

This series of photos show the rather remarkable range of colours you will get as you move from one kind of lighting to another.

Pictured to the right, two self coloured beads and Jellyfish encased over white. 

 Quite remarkable, isn't it?

It can be something of a challenge to create with this glass, as you have to coordinate your colours for all types of lighting.

That said - I find it a really nice glass to work. Try it over silver foil sometime.
 This is Jellyfish over EDP (2 on the left) and EDP unencased.

 Those encased EDP beads again.

 Again, the EDP.
Colours that we see are caused by light of specific wavelengths being reflected from the object for us to see. This particular colour reflects light in some very narrow ranges of frequencies. As you move from warm light - with lots of orange in it, to cool light (more blue), there is less of the warm colours available to be reflected, and so the colour of the glass appears to "shift."

It's a neat piece of chemistry.

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