Thursday, January 16, 2014

CiM 422 Aloe Juice

 CiM's Aloe Juice is a pretty, light, transparent bluish-green.

I think it wants to be worked cool though - it boiled like crazy for me.

Both the left and right beads show the evidence of the boiling. The centre one came out ok though.

Probably fine for those of you that don't attack your glass with a monster flame like I do.

You know - I've review Aloe Juice before - and it wasn't this color. It was more of a peridot. Neither did it boil.  I wonder if I misread a label on the old one? This is a much better match for the CiM website listing.


  1. I do love your blogging about the new colors! Always food for thought.

  2. Very interesting. I do a lot of ocean bead using this shade of green (which I'm running out of) and bubbles are okay for water - still, one would like to be able to control such things!