Friday, January 18, 2013

CiM 406 Gooseberry

Gooseberry - reminds me of the Peacock Green Moonstone that was one of the first CiM colours that I fell in love with. (The other was Halong Bay.)

 From the left, we have two self-coloured beads, Gooseberry over white, and gooseberry over clear.

Over white and over clear - it's not too spectacular, and the moonstone (translucent) glasses tend not to be - they need mass to make the full effect.

This is a close up. Not sure what is causing the webbing - whether I scorched the glass or didn't clean it well enough. Normally - I would not like it - but it kind of adds to the organic nature of the bead - making it more gooseberry-ish.

Now - this glass - with a fuzzy brown coating like a kiwi-fruit. Mmmmm. (A brown frit, not melted in for the skin. Hmmmm.)

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  1. I think the webbing works...kind og dragon scales-ish :-)