Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Frit: Taxco

This is Trautman Taxco - available as a frit.

I really enjoyed this frit. More so than the glass, as I remember.

I think I might have been expecting more intense colours from the rods - but I was quite happy with the subtle effects that I got from the frit - especially when combined with other frits - as you will see in upcoming posts.

This bead was a clear base, and rolled in Taxco - which was just melted in. There was a lot of bubbles and it did look sort of scummy at the time - but it came out looking fine.

 This one is also a clear base, rolled in Taxco, and melted in and then reduced. The frit has fumed the clear, giving a golden tone to the clear, and making the frit appear more greenish.

I liked this - I can definitely see uses for spacers like this in extending a set themed on turquoise colours. But, as I said, it gets better in more exotic combos. Stay tuned. 

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