Thursday, December 16, 2010

Effetre 730: Chocolate Noir

Effetre 730 - Chocolate Noir. More Noir than Chocolate - these creamy, opaque slate colour is hugely fun to use!

This is a dark grey slate - reminds me of CiM Admantium actually - and you can see the layers in the cross section.

It works out to be a rich, dark streaky slate colour with a hint of warmth to it.

A simple wound bead doesn't show the streakiness much.

But beads made using the "full gather" method show much more streakiness - almost as good as using a cane or twisty.

This bead is a base of Chocolate Noir, with ivory dots, and more Chocolate Noir on top. The Chocolate Noir is breaking up and spreading in a most satisfactory manner.

This bead is:
  • clear base (more stable)
  • encased in ivory
  • trails of Chocolate Noir
  • heated significantly
  • mashed
Notice the attractive break up and separation - almost as much fun as CiM Hades or Eff Intense Black.
Definitely looking forward to using this more!


  1. well I like the effect , where did you get this glass

  2. i like it very nice colour where did you get it ?

  3. I don't remember - as I found it in a box I was emptying out - so I think I've had it for a while. I would suspect I got it from Nortel - based on the other things in the box, but I don't actually remember getting it. ;-)