Wednesday, June 11, 2008

CIM 351 Stone Ground

My first thought, when seeing this glass for the first time, was that it reminded me of the Effetre/Moretti Yellow Opal.

My second thought is that it would strike, as it cools out of the flame to an almost white, and re-introducing it to the flame brings back the colour - but it obviously kiln strikes as well, as these two beads came out of the kiln virtually identical. The one on the left was struck to light brown, and the one on the right went into the kiln w/o any reheating, nearly white in colour.

As it reminded me of Yellow Opal, I tried fuming it - the left end of the bead is fumed with silver, and the right end with gold.

You can see that it has developed a lovely warm, nutty brown, a little more so on the gold-fumed end. Not really the same as fumed opal yellow - which goes more pinky.

It's a nice earthy colour, and worth playing with if you are working with an earthtone colour palette.

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