Monday, March 23, 2009

Update on TAG Black Cherry

Ha - just as I suspected - another run through the kiln brought out more colour in these three beads. Interestingly - the smallest - the one that is just Black Cherry - came out the darkest.

I put these in the kiln cold, and just turned it on. It takes my kiln about 20 minutes to come up to 940. I haven't had any problems bringing annealed beads up to that temperature at that speed. (For that matter, if I have unannealed "demo" beads - that have cooled to room temp just sitting out on the rod rest - so people can see what they look like cooled down - I will throw those in the kiln before I start the next annealing cycle. If they survive that, which they do if they are small enough - they are good to go. If not - well - they were just demo beads anyway.)

Anyhoo - I turned the kiln on about 9 pm, and torched till midnight, and then set the kiln to ramp down. So these got about another 2.5 hours at 940, then another 8 hour ramp down.

These blushed up to a nice Black Cherry Red! (Compare to the last post.) Mmmm - black cherries. Black Cherry ice cream. mmmmmm.

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  1. very cool study!.... I'm gonna stick with the elvis... have you used any TAG blizzard colors... they are crazy! rock and roll dragonJools!