Monday, October 16, 2017

CiM 459 Juniper

CiM Juniper - a bluey green opaque.

It is a well-behaved, somewhat streaky green with no overtones of yellow - in the bluer sage family of greens. It doesn't remind me of anything, so it may be a unique color to the glass palette. It doesn't seem as dark as it shows on the CiM green palette page, though.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

CiM 728 Canoe

Canoe - what a beautiful colour! It reminds me of Canyon de Chelly. I strongly suspect that this will do some interesting things with silver, but until I try it - I'm not sure what. Other testers are also loving it, and reporting nice reactions.

I tried working this at different temperatures, and I have to say - across the board, I got pretty consistent results.

This little unicorn horn was worked quite cool - just warm enough to twist.

This pressed starburst - I worked it very hot - this glass goes clear when very hot, then white, and back to brown as it cools. This was heated to clear, and then stamped with a graphite press tool, on a a graphite marver, which  cooled it very rapidly.

There is some variation in colour - I didn't get it quite as hot at the wire end when firepolishing it, but for a streaky glass - this compared to the other pieces are pretty consistent.

I'm looking forward to experimenting with this one some more!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

CiM 315 Buttermilk

CiM Buttermilk is an attempt to re-make CiM Cake Batter (307). I think that is a more neutral shade, and, in fact, may be the non-reactive ivory you've been looking for. I haven't been looking for it, I like the reaction, but it is nice to have the option!

I didn't care for the recent CiM Bone as much, because while it is a nice cream neutral - I like the warmer shade of the Effetre Ivory. In fact, I adore Effetre Ivory - it is one of my faves. And the CiM Bone can look similar if you reduce it, but otherwise - it seems to be a rather cool colour.

However, the Buttermilk might be right on the money. It not overtly coloured, but it has a slight hint of warmth to it. But, if you read the other tester's reactions on the CiM site, you will see there is a certain amount of variation of opinion.

CiM classifies this with the yellows, but for me - it is in the neutral family.

And it really hasn't reacted with the turquoise. That is a flat dot with a raised dot - so that is not extreme bleeding.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

CiM 458 Apple Pie

Why oh Why
Is an opaque green
labeled "Apple Pie"
Honestly - I don't have an answer for that.

I do know that Apple Pie is a light green opaque in the family with Mint Chip, Primavera, It Ain't Easy Being, Sherbert, Cardamom, Sprout. I highly recommend the CiM page for comparisons, because I don't have any of those with labels on!

Overall - I found it easy to work and trouble free.
There are quite a number of greens in this latest batch - so stay tuned! Posts come every other day or so, or if you subscribe to my facebook page - you can see them there!

Sunday, October 08, 2017

CiM 463 Siren

The Siren call of the sea, or the Sirens of the Sea. This is a sea-green. It is supposed to be a re-make of CiM Aloe Juice (422) - but as I have no reliably labeled Aloe Juice, I can't speak to that. Other testers do report that it is a dead ringer though.

However, like Aloe Juice, I did have problems with it boiling and scumming a little. I tried working it cooler and slower, and it helped a little.

 You can see from this close-up - quite a lot of bubbling at the edges.

Whether you can use this to your advantage in your designs, i.e. a trail of bubbles from a fish in an aquarium bead, or if it will just make you crazy - that is up to you.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Dichro on Color Glass - from Riley Designs

Once upon a time, I got my hands on some dichroic glass that was on coloured glass, instead of just clear or black. I loved it, but sadly - soon it was all gone.

But now - Riley Dichro has made some  - and it is gorgeous! 

 Now, some people have said to me - what is the point? You can just make a bead in whatever colour and then put the dichro on clear on top. Well - yes - but it doesn't look the same. For one thing, there is a layer of clear in between. Or you put the colour on top, but that changes the dichro. Or you flip the dichro over, but that gives you a clear on the outside. It means bigger, more layers, less intensity. And completely eliminates some shapes because of having to build the layers and the encasing.

Oh, just try it and see what I mean.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Double Helix Thallo - Eye Candy

Just some eye candy. Off mandrel pendants made with Double Helix Thallo, reduced more or less.