Thursday, July 02, 2015

CiM 528: Royal

CiM Royal.  This is it - the blue. The perfect blue. You can all pack up and go home now - it's done. This is the colour.

That perfect shade of blue, like cobalt, but cobalt is sometimes too dark to be useful. This is that perfect shade, and perfect hue.

 You see 5 self-coloured spacers, and one with a layer of ivory, and Royal over the ivory. Too bad they are out of focus. Who cares - they are blooooooooo.

 Bask in the blue-ness.

I can't really add to this - this colour speaks for itself and what it says is: love me, melt me.

Monday, June 29, 2015

CiM 533: Blue-Yah!

CiM Blue-Yah! - a well-behaved, dark transparent aqua. Just an absolutely gorgeous dark aqua, intense enough to be used thin and still be colourful, and not so intense that thick layers of it no longer read as a nice, useful colour.

As you can see from the mostly used rod, what you see is absolutely what you get. 

The colour seems very familiar - like I've seen it somewhere before.

And you know it is hard to photograph aqua and get an accurate colour. Maybe I need something for reference ... .

Wait a minute ... .

 There you go! CiM Blue-Yah! is exactly the colour of Windex.

Now, I don't know if there are regional variations in Windex. I don't know if US Windex is tinted a different colour from Canadian Windex, or if Windex in Sweden is a different colour from Windex in France. 

Hmmm  - according to the S.C. Johnson website - that colour is Liquitint® Sky Blue. How cool is knowing that?

Here they are, back lit.

I'm pretty sure that naming this colour "Windex" would be a major bad idea and rain down lawyers - but having a glass the colour of glass cleaner is a nice little piece of apropos, don't you think?

And if you have ever looked at a bottle of Windex and thought - damn, I wish there was a glass that colour - well - there is. Blue-Yah!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

CiM 214: Nectar

CiM's Nectar is cast in the vein of Eff 068 - a pinkish rod that goes deeper and richer in colour when worked.

I think Nectar goes a little warmer in color and a little less orange - but I'm basing that on memory - so don't rely on it.

The rods are a slightly pinkish colour, but the worked glass is a rich honey coloured amber.

Here you can see the contrast in colours.

It does seem a little prone to air bubbles - possibly working it cooler than I do could stop that. 

Ah - but here's the thing - layer it over silver foil and you get a rich, antique gold look. Effetre's 068 will do this, not quite as dark, as will Effetre 049 Straw Yellow - which will also give you a rich, deep gold effect over silver foil. The schmutz on the bead is kiln dust - it wiped off - after I took the photo, of course.

Other side of the bead. No need to mortgage the house to buy gold leaf - just use silver foil and encase it with Nectar. 

Friday, June 12, 2015

Eff855 Grigio Verde

Another obscure glass from the vaults - this is Effetre's Grigio Verde - which translates to Gray Green. It is a sagey, greenish grey.

 It's a little streaky, as you can see, and photographs very nicely.

It's a very organic colour - and you could use it for frogs and leaves and cactus and making stuff that needs to look natural. Maybe even an elephant.

It's not a colour I would revel in and use just for the gloriousness of it - but hey - it's grey, so there you go.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Double Helix Iris

There is a lot of variability in the high-silver reduction glasses - and - it takes time to really get the feel for these glasses. But here's a quick look at Double Helix's Iris.
Iris is a reduction glass, and appears to be capable of a whole rainbow of colours and a bright, shiny finish.

Here we have 2 spaces (with a clear core) and a small urn shape, with dots and a lip and tip in Iris. 

I didn't do anything special except reduce them. They are dark, but reduced very easily. You can see that the colours range from green to gold to purple to magenta.

So what are you going to get from them? Try it and find out, because everybody's mileage varies.

Friday, May 22, 2015

CiM 534 Agean

What a pretty colour! What is not to love about this? Agean dances straight down the light between blue and green.

Here you see, on the top, CiM Agean, and for contrast, the lone rod below is Effetre 026 Light Teal.

Agean is a dark aqua with a hint of green - not enough to push it over into the teal family, but enough to distinguish it from the aquas. It is the colour of the ocean on the sunny day after the storm, when the water is bright and sparkling, but still a little roiled up from the storm.

Here we have, on the top a shaded focal, and on the bottom, from the left, two self-coloured spacers and one Agean encased over white.
 look - it matches my nails!

And the focal again. 

This is a pretty, pretty colour. Can't go wrong with this!