Thursday, March 19, 2009

CiM 872 - Tuxedo

Another black from CiM - but this is a less expensive black - an equivalent to the Moretti and Vetro blacks - in that it will pull out to a purple, rather than staying black or going grey when stretched really thin - like the CiM Hades black.

The tab bead is a gravity wave bead (horizontal stripes on an opaque core - get it liquid hot, and rotate so that the stripes stretch out around the bead and the stripe colour gets thinned out.)

While it looked pure black and grey and white when it went into the kiln - it has stretched and thinned out to both purple and blue, interestingly enough.

It also does seem to have webbed a little bit.

A useful enough addition to the colour palette, especially if you are developing a loyalty to CiM - which certainly seems to be worth it!

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