Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Laucha - Light Red Transparent

Anyone who knows me - knows that if you ask me about transparent red - my choice will be the Lauscha transparent red. A brilliant, red's red - never a trace of liveriness - truly wonderful.

This is a new batch of red - and I'm trying to decide if I think it might actually be a little darker than the old batch.

Hmm - nope - I've just been gazing at it some more, and what I think is making it look a little different is that it is more prone to going cloudy if worked a lot. Much like transparent yellow and orange, and they way they form a "cloud" inside - this has done the same.

The top mandrel is all self-coloured, pure red spacers, and there is a distinct, cloudy core. The second row has a turq (Laucha) wrap (notice - none of that steely discolouration on the Laucha turq - but note - if you use it with ivory - the reaction is so strong it can over power the design). The bottom row are whitehearts.

Even the legs on this are more translucent than transparent.

Still - a stunning colour - a perfect shade of red.

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