Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Potpourri - or What Happens when you can't read your notes.

OK, I can't decipher the rest of my notes with complete confidence - so I'm just going to throw some images at you, just for fun. (That's why I blog my results - so I can look them up later!) I was experimenting with various TAG and Double Helix glasses at the time - but matching the photos up to the notes, I'm not dead certain about some, so it's just more reliable to re-do some of the tests. But in the meantime, here are some interesting results that I'd like to be able to repeat. Pic 1 - I suspect this is Nyx, encased, but I'm not dead sure.
The blue on this could be Nyx - the caramel is ... ? Luna2? Khaos?

This blue bead - front and back, whatever I did - I seem to have created a "black hole." Over heated in one spot, I presume. It has a kind of cool event horizon vibe going on. Although I was really annoyed by it at the time.

Whatever this is, it's encased. With Kelp, I think.

You'd think a big red bead covered in spots would be easy to find in my notes. Apparently not. The black rings must be a reaction - I'm not that good at dots. Close examination shows some interesting colours in the dots (click on the image for a large version - as will all these images.)

This was one of the TAG glasses - but the label got munged, so I was never sure which one it was. I think it might be 05 Oxblood. Unless it is Black Cherry and I just really made a mess of it.

And I think this was TerraNova. So much potentional - so dark and gloomy.

And, appropo of absolutely nothing at all - my girl Abby. The reason why I consider "b-tch" a complement. ;-)

Talk about the "look of eagles."

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