Tuesday, March 03, 2009

TAG 104 - 07 Tibet

Tibet is an opaque version of Dalai Lama, and likes much the same 'heat the snot out of it' treatment.

Here are TAG's working notes:

Just like the classic reactive amber/purple boro, now in 104 soft glass! A transparent version of Dalai Lama, this amber/purple glass strikes easily in a neutral flame, producing electric greens over black, or electric blues and purples alone. Solo, struck Tibet looks reddish when held to the light! Tibet can go pinkish over ivory glass or other light colors. Best results come from striking in a neutral to oxidizing flame. This glass can also be reduced for a different look. Try it on Moretti copper green!

So, here we have, from left to right, self (only Tibet), on Light Ivory, and on Copper Green.

And here we have, Tibet on the top row, over Cirrus.

On the bottom row, all three encased with clear (Moretti 006).

Guess I'll have to try it over black, next. I really like the blushes of purples and blues - so I want to experiment with this some more. In the amber purples, I prefer to lean to the purples.

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