Monday, March 16, 2009

Adding a Torch Mounted Marver to the Mid-Range

One of the first things I noticed - no marver on my new torch. Ack! I can't live without my torch mounted marver - and, of course - the old one of my Mega doesn't fit. I carried that one forward from the Minor - but it doesn't go on the top mounted Mega on my mid-range - so I had to get the one designed for the torch.

Installation was easy enough - once I found the right screwdriver to take the screws off. Which was, actually - a significant challenge. (Neither my husband nor I have the "gene" for putting things back where they came from - so finding the right tools for the job is always a significant challenge in our household. We own it - we can't find it. Sometimes, it's easier to buy a new one than find the one we have. Then we have two. We have 5 hammers. )

The screws are hex-headed - so I had to go hunting for an Allen key to remove them. I finally found some in the garage. And they are in there pretty tight, too.

The bottom screw also attaches the torch to it's mount - so you have make sure you line it back up when installing the marver.

Insert the two screws (bolts, actually - they came with the marver), and screw them in.

It came with a couple of nuts, which I applied to the slightly protruding ends of the bolts on the other side.

That was it - good to go!

I'm happy!

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