Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Lauscha 686

While I seem to be experimenting with dead leaf colours these days - I thought I would dig out some of my Lauscha that has been hanging around for a very long time.

You can see - I got some significant colour variation.

Unfortunately - I can't really point you to where to get this. I think I got it from glassdaddy.com, but they don't have anything like it on their site now.

I don't think it is caramello - you can see that the rod is a very dark brown. While working it - it goes transparent and translucent - it's truly stunning - and doesn't go back to solid opaque until it has been in the kiln for a little while. Sadly - it doesn't retain it's translucency.

These three developed some really interesting pink blush - but what about these was different, I'm not sure. The one on the far right got some significant heat and not a lot of reheating - so that might be the key - the amount of heat that it gets. 

I did switch to a more reducing flame than usual (like I did with the opal yellow) - but I can't see that has made the difference, or any difference.

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