Wednesday, November 23, 2016

CiM 313 Painted Hills

Could it be - could it possibly be - the holy grail of glass (well - one of the holy grails) - a non-reactive ivory?

CiM themselves call it a soft, opaque yellow - and, quite frankly, before I declare this to be the winner in this year's glass of the year award, I'm going to want to try more than one single rod.

Garcon - bring me a pound, svp.

This glass is very soft when hot, like a white. Goes clear, then white as it cools, then the ivory comes in after. 

Here we have, left to right, self coloured Painted Hills, actual Effetre ivory, with turquoise dots, and Painted Hills, with the same turquoise dots. 

 Look ma - no reactive line around the dots!

Don't get me wrong - I love that reaction between ivory and the copper glasses - but even I can admit that there are times when you want it to not happen.

The end of the worked rod. 

And one of my waves - showing the colour variation. 

Is this a substitute for effetre Ivory. Possibly not. Are my results anomalous? Maybe. But it bears further investigation. This might be the non-reactive-ivory you have been looking for.

You will note that from reading the CiM page on Painted Hills, other testers got quite different results. I try not to  find out what the colour is supposed to do before I use it. Sometimes - the results are hilarious - other times, interesting.

Hilarious - like the time I tested "Aether." Could not get it to do anything. Didn't realize that it was a clear. ;-)

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