Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Effetre Earth - Yet Again

I apparently can't let this one go - although I am starting to suspect that some rods are more inclined to do funky things than others.

To recap - this is a new colour that the colour paddle on the Frantz website indicates should look like this:

 And I tend to get results more like this. I love the streakiness - but I want that ^. Big patches of turquoise.
 These two - I tried reducing. Meh. I did switch to the Mega for a more focused flame.
 Aha! Much more interesting. This is a hollow - built the disks up slowly - then pushed them together using the star mashers. Very effective way to make a hollow quickly, btw. Much faster than building up over the centre.
 OK - I cheated - the ivory makes a really strong reaction that is amazing and awesome.

 Check out that dragonfly green on the end - that's Triton, reduced. Never had it go that colour before.
 This is a cabochon - Earth and White, encased.
 And again, on ivory. I like the one with the ivory on top better.

So Earth is very, very reactive with Ivory. It must have a lot of copper in it. It seems to react better to a smaller, focused flame.

I'll get it yet!


  1. Anonymous11:04 p.m.

    My earth bead looked grey and ugly :-( when I used my Hot Head torch - very disappointing. Now I have a Nortel minor torch with natural gas and a 15 Oxycon, will I get pretty results such as yours? I've gotten ugly grey beads with Effetre Rogue and a brown one that escapes my mind. Help! Lydia

  2. Hard to say for sure - but the increased control you will have by having oxygen is sure to give you better and more interesting results!

    Being able to heat is a nice bonus too! ;-)