Monday, December 05, 2011

CiM 805 Obsidian Ltd Run

CiM - Obsidian. I thought this was another black - mostly because I was prejudiced by the name. However, CiM calls it a "very dark grey."

When I test a glass - I usually test it without any prior knowledge of what it might do. This allows me to discover new things about a glass. Or, sometimes to completely miss the point. (See the recent posts about CiM Cotton Candy and Effetre Earth. Oh well.)

Anyway - this glass looks black to begin with, and, as you can see in these two self-coloured spacers - they look black.

 But thin trails over clear show a dark, warm grey - with brownish overtones.
 Same results on white - thin trails of a brownish grey. Although - when it is HOT and this thin - it looks purple. Have you noticed the transparent greys all look purple when hot. Sort of disappointing when they come out of the kiln.
 And, here is Obsidian on Ivory. I gave this quite a lot of heat - to see if it would break up, crawl, web, or otherwise do something interesting. And, as a matter of fact - it did.  (Three views of the same bead.)

According to the CiM website (which - now I can look at) - it is very nice with silver. Will have to try that next.

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