Saturday, January 20, 2018

Vetrofond 821 Verde Muschio

 In the annuals of strange glass comes - Verde Muschio - literally Green Moss. This is an old Vetrofond glass - Vetro being now out of business.

On the face of it, it appeared to be a transparent olivey green, so imagine my surprise when it started to opacify and turn a greyish brown as it cooled.

 This was shot while hot - before going in the kiln. You can see part of it is still transparent.
 And, as it cooled further.
 Well - I thought - let's try making a horse with it. This is shot hot, before going into the kiln. The base is the same colour, but with frit and powder added for contrast.

And the next day - out of the kiln. It has cooled to a somewhat greenish grey, it's still a pretty cool, organic kind of colour. 

 Again - while hot, and then popped into the kiln, ...

And what comes out is this ... (bottom mandrel is the same as the one above.)

 Some parts still retain a little transparency, where they don't get a lot of reheating.

 and back. Double Helix Powders and frit.

Where to get? Jean at Nortel still has some of this interesting glass if you want to give it a go! (Quite a lot of it, actually.) It works nicely, and the colour is not unpleasant. And it really is a mossy kind of colour ...

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