Monday, January 08, 2018

CiM 527 Anchor

I am not entirely clear how this particular colour escaped my attention. CiM Anchor is a deep, deep blue, towards the greener end of the blues - not really enough to be an aqua, but a rich ocean blue for sure.

The rods are so dark - they appear almost black, but held to the light, the colour takes your breath away.

You really will have to layer it over something to see the colour. Here - the top bead is a twistie of Anchor and white, and the square bead is Anchor and white swirled - and the almost black areas are just Anchor by itself.

Here is a selection of pieces, the varying thicknesses show the intensity of the colour. Also - some have a little clear mixed in (4 o'clock), white (7 o'clock) and some med trans blue on the loop (Effetre) (8, 9, 1 o'clock, etc.)
 And here - just holding one up to the studio light!

What a colour! It sings! If you play it right. ;-)

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