Tuesday, March 28, 2017

CiM 123 Hemoglobin

 Another new red from CiM - a lovely Siam Ruby red that - when I got this - still didn't have a name. Since then - it has been named Hemoglobin, and it is closely related to Sangre. Some folks think it could pass for Sangre, and other say no.

Given my last experience with a red that needed a lot of heat - I made a point of using this with a lot of heat and without to see if it made a difference. 

I didn't see a lot of difference in the colour as a result of that, but I did see a lot of difference in the opacity as a result.

 The unworked rod is very dense - looking almost opaque.

It's a bright, intense red - strikes effortlessly (just a little orange/wash out at the edges) and displays no livering (brown overtone). 

 For this piece, I started with a blob melted clear hot - that's the bulb at the base, at the wire. You can see that this is quite nicely transparent, with a trail of cloudy opacity - where, as a wound off the glass, I transitioned from the clear hot to the not quite so hot that was on the rod.

You can see, above and even more dramatically in this one below, an opaque shadow in each subsequent "layer" - that's not just a shadow or the lighting - it really does look like that. The hotter the glass got - the more transparent it came out of the kiln.

A lovely vibrant red  - if you want it clear - heat the snot out of it, and if you want clouds - be cooler.

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