Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Gas Consumption - Nortel Torches

Currently in the process of re-design the studio for beadFX - where I teach - as they are moving to a new location - which is one of the reasons I've been very quiet lately. (The other has to do with my mother being ill - but that's another story.)

So - trying to figure out how big a gas line we need. We're going with Natural Gas (again) - and I got the following figures from Peter at Nortel Mfg  - so I thought I would publish them here - in case someone else needs them, or I need them at some point in the future.

For Natural Gas
Mega & Minor Torch - at 1/4 psi, uses 3 litres per minute

Midrange Torch - at 1/4 psi, uses 8 litres per minute

Usage increases with psi increase - possibly up to 50% more.

BTUs - calculate at 35 btus/litre.

This is the info I fed to the gasfitter - got it straight from Peter.

Just don't ask me to explain it! ;-)


  1. Oh thank you so much, it is very interesting ! (as usual...).

    But when i read Minor torch (which is mine), uses 3 litres per minute, it is not what is said in books. 5 litres is more usual no ?

    Don't you believe that if i use 3 litres, my oxy concentrator will explode ?

    When you said natural gas, do you mean "butane" or "propane" ?

    Thank you for your answer, and sorry for my bad english...

    Have a nice day,

    Veronique (in France)

  2. I will confirm with Peter - but you can use MORE than 3 lpm.

    No - I don't believe your concentrator will explode.

    You don't happen to remember where you saw the reference to 5 lpm, do you?

    Natural gas - see my article when it posts tonight.