Wednesday, April 08, 2009

TAG 104 - Taxco Light Limited Edition

This is another TAG (Trautman Art Glass) Limited Edition variation. This is a light green variant of the Taxco Silver Turquoise. I think I might like this one a little better than the original too!

The two spacers are very lightly reduced. Not much going on - but a pretty colour regardless.

The bicone in this pic has been reduced a little more - but still - very light reduction. A soft, bushy flame, rather than a strong reduction flame. You can see a bit more effect.

The cylinder bead is over white - and the Taxco appears to have fumed the white - making it look more yellow.

There is more of an iridescence on this bead - but it's darn hard to shoot!

This one - I was quite pleased with the amount of iridescence I got. This is black and ivory, encased in Taxco Light. Really nice oil-slick sheen. Again - really light reduction.

And finally - over dichro. Because, d--- it - eventually I put everything with dichro!

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