Tuesday, April 07, 2009

TAG 104 - Green Dalai

Green Dalai - an experimental or limited edition batch from TAG. I decided to treat it like the Dalai - i.e. "heat the snot out of it, and strike it."

The first bead, on the left, I super heated and made the bead, and just let it cool. While it was hot - it had a lot of colour - and so I just popped it into the kiln. It came out really dark - the colour is there - but you need an insane amount of light to see it.

This second bead, I did the same - superheated it, allowed it to cool all the way to not glowing - and then struck twice in the flame. Although, while it was hot - it looked pretty much the same as the above bead, and it didn't look much different while striking - now that it is out of the kiln - I am much happier with this one. Apols for the poor focus - but this pic shows the colours the best.

Third version - my working notes say:
  • snot
  • cool
  • encase
  • mash
  • really hot
I super heated it (heated the snot out of it), let it cool. Encased it, mashed it, and gave it quite a bit of heat to smooth out the shape and get the encasing to smooth out at the sides. The encasing functions much as the striking does, I'm guessing - as it reheats the surface.

Really like the streaky blues and greens! I might like this better than the regular Dalai Lama!

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