Thursday, October 25, 2007

Stop the Presses - Vetro Odd Lot Streakies

Remember those batches of Vetro Odd Lot Streakies. A coloured core with a transparent topaz outer layer, like a coloured filigrana.

I'm changing my recommendation to a cautious buy. I just tried encasing one of these (unfortunately - I don't have a label on it, so I have yet to figure out which one) - but both encased beads cracked. These two were made on separate occasions - and none of the other beads made at the same time cracked. The flatter one went into the kiln glowing, so I know it wasn't too cool.

They were both a layer of the streaky glass, with dichro on top, and encased with Moretti clear. Both came out of the kiln fine, and developed the crack when being cleaned. (Nothing else cracked, so I wasn't forcing too large a reamer into them.)

I would suggest not encasing this glass, or at least, not doing large numbers of these w/o testing first.

When I figure out which one it was - I'll post it here.

UPDATE: This appears to be Vetro 989 - Topaz Odd Lot. It does not appear that it will tolerate encasing at ALL.

The original beads that I made with just this glass seemed fine, but I will try some more, without encasing.

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