Saturday, October 20, 2007

Seeing Red - CIM Sangre vs Lauscha Red

Oh, the never ending quest for the perfect transparent red!

I love the Lauscha red, but I realize and appreciate that some folks have had problems mixing it with Moretti or Vetro. I haven't had problems, but I also tend, in retrospect, to use this delicious colour almost completely by itself. I love the way you can strike it selectively and get flame-like reds and oranges, or just a magnificent, juicy, marachino, deep red.

Still, I was as excited as anyone to see the new CIM red - Sangre. While this colour is a transparent, it also is in the category of glass that is so densely coloured that it appears opaque unless used as a thin layer over clear.

The smaller bead on the left is the Sangre, and, for contrast, the larger bead on the right is the Lauscha transparent red. There is a slight colour difference, I would say not quite even as big a difference as the photo's show. It definitely appears more opaque - the Lauscha does retain more of luminousity because it is slightly more transparent.

Still - it's a great colour of red, and I prefer it to the Moretti striking transparent red.

Also, so far, all the rods of the Sangre I've seen so far have been actually red - which makes it easier to find when hunting in the glass stash!

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