Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Moretti 961 Red Carrot Sparkle

Red Carrot Sparkle - amazing what you find bundles of when you start cleaning. Here's a bundle labeled Rosa Carrota. Red Carrot! This does sparkle when you are working it, but I can't get it to stay very sparkly once cool. The smaller bead shows it a little, but you need a lot of light and to be looking close to see it. It's very subtle.

The slightly larger bead, showing on the left in these images, is encased. It is slightly lighter in colour, but not hugely so.

The colour of a red carrot - not any carrot I ever met, but you could call it carroty. It's an earthy kind of orange, slightly streaky, and reminiscent of fall and leaves and squash and other end of summer sentiments.

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