Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Pyjama Blue

OK - I have no idea why Pyjamas should be bluer than anything else, unless this refers to the Pyjama Blues - the phenom of said garments creeping up and strangling you during the night.

Another Vetro Odd Lot.

Man, oh man - this colour reduces like crazy - and not necessarily in the flame. Look at the sample spoon - reduced all the way down the rod - I annealed it in the kiln. However, the reduction will remove with a goodly soak (6 hours or so) in CLR. The one undecorated bead and the Fishie have been CLR'd. The other colour on the fishie is Orange Sherbet.

Reacts with Ivory. This is a variant Light Sky Blue - so far as I can tell. Still, a pretty enough blue, if you can live with the reduction.

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