Tuesday, August 21, 2007

DaVinci 2 Opaque

The more I use this multi-coloured glass (Rocio 406) - the more I adore it. Not just like, but love it. For one thing - the incredible range of colours that you can get out it blows my mind. Wait a minute. That's not the one thing - that's the whole thing.

Just look at those creamy swirls - that variation. There just the one glass in there folks - that's it. Da Vinci 2 and nothing else. That elusive hint of dark blue at the top right - just love that!

Here, again, that dark blue at the end. I've been using this glass by itself, and just letting the beauty of the glass speak for itself, but it also makes for an interesting, organic background for a design on top. And if I ever stop just making beads out of it alone - I'll be sure and try that.

This is one of the high metal content reactive glasses from Rocio Bearer and I can see the potential for some interesting effects as I continue to play with it. For instance, this final bead has a goldstone stripe on it - notice the bright pink showing through the goldstone stringer? Hmmm - a reaction to the copper in the goldstone?

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