Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Just another Turquoise

Vetro OddLot Green Ocean Light Pastel (927) - what a disappointment. Not that it isn't a pretty colour - especially if you are a fan of turquoise blue - but it's really nothing new, except the rod doesn't look like your regular turquoise. Could easily pass for Dark Turquoise.

The glass in the rod is gorgeous - a translucent blue teal colour, and when heated, and cooled without reheating (see end of spoon) - a lovely transparent on the greener side of aqua. But, in the kiln, it goes opaque (even if you don't reheat it at all after making it - see furthest away bead). Reacts strongly to ivory (see dotted bead.)

On the upside - it does seem to be more resistant to reducing (especially in the kiln) than the Moretti/Vetro turquoises usually are - more like the Lauscha Turquoise - my usual choice for when I don't feel like soaking the beads in CLR afterwards. These beads were not treated.

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