Thursday, October 17, 2019

comparison double helix

Double helix comparison. This does not show the colour differences really well, just not enough light. The base colour of the Hyperion light, certainly is a lighter topaz colour. The Phaeton Falls between the Hyperion light and the regular Hyperion. You can see some differences but I can't say if it's just the way you know I've worked a particular piece. The Hyperion seems to have a little bit more purple and rainbow effect in its colours where as the Clio looks more metallic, there might be a bit more colour in the Phaeton too. Sure, if you put them all together, you can pick them apart in terms of differences. But if you've got a big mass of them, and you're trying to figure out how can I substitute this for that, maybe you probably can use Hyperion or the Clio interchangeably. Notwithstanding, of course, whatever else you add to it or do with it or encase or Etc. Did that help? Not in the slightest. :-) 😀😉😉😉🤩

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