Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Effetre 269 Lilac

Lilac is a word that makes you think of big bushy tree-like shrubs loaded with sweet-smelling purple flowers and buzzing with bees. To that end, lilac should not be used for colours that are vaguely-in-the-purplish family.

The rods initally appear to be a dirty white, not too inspiring, eh? Maybe it is wonderful after heating, you can always hope ...

 After working for awhile, it starts to develop some colour. A little bit of a very light mauve, and some of that browny sheen that most of the light lavenders get. And the occasional smidgen of devit.
 Still hot, you can see there is some hints of colour.
 Once out of the kiln ... this is the back - it has played nicely with the raku and assorted frits. My frit tray sits under my torch and tends to collect shocked bits of whatever, so after awhile, it is kind of a random melange. Means I also have to pick out bits of bead release that has cracked off mandrels and fallen into the frit tray. :-P
 And you can see, there is a slight amber blush to some places, and it is a very pale pink/purple with the occasional streak of quite satisfactory violet.
It takes a while for the colour to develop - and it takes something like 60-90 minutes to make one of these beads, so it has the time to do it ....

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