Monday, September 03, 2012

Torch Test: Bethlehem Alpha: First Impressions

No - I haven't abandoned my beloved Mid-Range Plus - but I do have a change to test drive the Bethlehem Alpha.

Holy cr4p - this sucker pumps out heat.

 The first impression of this torch is that it is a stylish and sexy piece of equipment.

My initial uses - this torch can really get things hot. It is a fairly fine flame - capable of a fine point - but very intense. It doesn't have the wide flame of my Mid-Range - which allows me to easily make an entire mandrel of beads - I can easily do 8 beads at a time on the Mid-Range. The flame width is about the same as the Nortel Minor -  but more intense. You really have to turn it down or work further out if you want to work cooler.

I'm currently running it off 2 concentrators - a 9 litre and a 5 litre. It is certainly possible to boil colours that you didn't know could boil.

 I think I'd actually like to have one of these mounted on top of my Mid-Range.

Intense flame - making a mess of my bead release

My first impression is quite favourable - I'll keep you posted as I go.


  1. Nice initial review :) I believe you can work boro quite easily on this torch using only one oxycon but I've only heard that (so far) from the supplier. If you could include that in your further testing, that'd be great! I currently use a Nortel Mega Minor on one 5 litre oxycon...