Tuesday, September 25, 2012

CiM 106: Firecracker

 CiM Firecracker.  A juicy and delicious new red.

CiM describes Firecracker as an Opaque, but when diluted with clear, or only partially struck - it is a transparent.

It really is a wonderful shade of red - it might be my new favorite red! 

Here, on the left, self coloured, wound, relatively cool. On the right, made a gather first - heated to clear hot, self struck as it cooled. Kilned, no further striking.

 Here, the one on the left was heated a lot - you see some streakiness in it. The one on the right has a clear core.
 Just for fun, clear core, streak of Firecracker, allow to droop, cap of clear.

More spacers - each a slightly different shade, depending on the degree of heating. 

 This is a base of firecracker, encase clear, Goldstone stringer, mash, press pattern.

And finally - Firecracker. with dot of clear. 

Firecracker is a transparent red - ranging from amber through orange to red, depending on the degree of striking. It does tend to develop cloudiness as it is worked, but it is a delicious and juicy colour with no hint of liveriness (brown-ness).


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