Friday, October 15, 2010

G109 Chalcedony (CoE 96)

I got a couple of rods of some interesting stuff - non-104 COE glass - but I thought - maybe if I just use it sparingly ... well - you know me - sparingly is not a word in my vocabulary - but anyway - thought I'd try.

This rod was labeled Chalcedony G109 - which I take to mean is the Gaffer 109 glass, but that's a guess. Chalcedony - btw - assuming it is pronounced the same way as the mineral - would be pronounced kal-SED-o-nee - in complete opposition of the way it looks.

So first up - I tried a thin trail of it on clear. My, my - does that ever look like the old raku / iris orange/ amber purple family of glasses.

So next up - I tried it on black. Oooo la la!

I liked it so much, I tried it again! Now - these were brighter for sure when they where hot, but still - liking the colours!

Alrighty then - how about a base that is black on one half and ivory on the other, and trail the Calcedony on it?

Yes, yes, yes!

And here's the other side! Oh baby!

Definitely liking this! - the colours came up fast and easy! I did get a small gather very, very hot - clear hot - before starting, and wound off a very thin spiral onto the bead. That intense heat is what is making the colours happen so easily - I think.

No issues with cracking - given that it is very small percentage of the overall bead, and not encased, I think they will be fine!

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  1. Gail B.12:30 p.m.

    Too cool, Dwyn! Love the colours in the mixed black and ivory beads... and love the shape you got in that third bead. It looks like a flower - sort of a tulip shape. If it's easier to use than Raku Jitterbug, that would be very nice! :-)