Sunday, October 17, 2010

Double Helix Aion 2

Not a comprehensive review - just a quick boo at some beads I whipped off last night.

This is Double Helix Aion 2.

The base is CiM Black Currant, actually, a trail of Aion 2 around the bead a couple of times, melt in, and a brief reduce, and encase in Lauscha clear.

Notice the two right end beads? They appear more greyish?

Here's a close up. In this case, when I melted the Aion2 and put it down, I had the oxygen turned a little down, so the flame wasn't completely neutral - and it has gone more muted in the colours. I don't care for this as much.

It wasn't much - I hadn't actually noticed it until I adjusted the torch.

This third pic shows a close-up of one made with the flame a little on the oxydizing side - erring on the side of caution, then reduced, then encased.

Quite dramatic the difference in when the reduction is applied - after the glass is melted in, as opposed to during melting it.

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