Saturday, October 25, 2008

Zooii Press: Wiggle

This was another press shape that intrigued me - what a cool idea, what a cool shape. It wasn't till I got it home that I looked at it and thought - wait a minute - what the heck is the pre-press shape going to have to be for this?

So - making that bead into something else - all right, it wasn't when I got home - it was went I got on the torch that I realized that I had no idea what the pre-press shape should be! - I then went to the website, and found they have an excellent tutorial for the Wiggle press.

In a nutshell - you make a bead the right length, flatten it, turn it on it's side, and mash it, and then clean up the glass that ends up sticking out of the side of the press. The tutorial has excellent instructions and pictures - these are attempts one and two - (the ivory was number one). You can see they turned out well for beginner beads.

Kind of a fun shape - and I can certainly see using it as a component in a necklace. Too large and heavy to be an earring, too long to be comfortable in a bracelet. But fun in a necklace.

The optical illusion of a non-straight hole will mostly be appreciated by other bead makers - complete novices and non-beads don't see a non-straight hole as a technical challenge. ;-)

You could also use it to make arms and legs for an assembled bead doll. Point up one end and add a stacked heel and you could make boots too!


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