Saturday, October 25, 2008

Effetre/Moretti 067: Rose Quartz

Because we need the confusion of two similar colors from two different manufacturers called their glass by the same name. Hello glass producers - I'm declaring a moratorium on the use of the name "Rose Quartz" - enough already!

This is the Effetre/Moretti Rose Quartz - 067. A very, very pale pink. Think pale like the pale emerald, pale aqua, etc. Small beads might get mistaken for clear unless on a white background. You can encase with it and get a very subtle colour effect. Haven't tried it on silver foil yet - could be interesting.

Seems to be a very nice clear transparent too, not really scummy or bubbly.

If you are looking for a barest hint of pink colour - this could be what you are looking for. It is in the true pink family, btw - not the more orangey-salmony rosaline colour range.

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