Friday, December 28, 2007

Vetro Odd Lots - Shades of Green

A new crop of odd lots from Vetrofond - and there is some fun stuff here, but I have to say - some of the colours - while different in the unheated rod, are virtually impossible to tell apart afterwards!

Here we have, from left to right, showing first the rod, and then the finished, annealed beads.

807 Frog Pond
808 Swamp Moss
809 Jungle Twilight
810 Lemongrass

The Frog Pond and the Swamp Moss are very similar - with the Frog Pond showing more yellowy green, and the Swamp Moss has more of an ochrey tone.

The Jungle Twilight is a really nice, dark, evergreen colour - make some great trees with this, and it is streaky too - although it doesn't show well in this pic.

The Lemongrass disappointed me a little by not staying as transparent as it is in the rod, but it is still streaky and interesting.

A nice set of earth tone greens, especially nice for florals or perhaps sculptural stuff. The streakiness saves having to pull multicoloured stringer, although, I'm sure, that pulled into string, the streakiness might be quite subtle.

I haven't tried encasing them, so can't comment on that yet. AFter the last round of streaky Vetros - I would definitely test for that before doing a bunch of beads with these.

They were all well-behaved, not shocky, although the Lemongrass did boil very easily.

A good addition for those that like earth tones and yellowy greens.

Remember, these are odd lots - meaning that they are unlikely to be made again, so if you love it, hoard it.

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