Thursday, December 06, 2007

Shocky Glass?

Is it my imagination - or does glass seem shockier lately? It seems to me, that when I started, only the occasional batch of glass was really, really shocky - like that batch of white we had a few years back.

Now, it's entirely possible that because of the way I work, (impatiently), or simply, sheer volume, but I'm running into glass that I can't work at all. Recently, I had a production order to fill, and needed 212 Pea Green. I bought a half pound of Vetro 212 and a half pound of Moretti 212 (which I note are slightly different shades of green - not an exact match. ) I started with the Vetro, and went through 3 rods and barely got 8 spacer sized beads - and way more time than I can afford for production work. I switched to the Moretti, and it was creamy and smooth and well behaved.

It's unusual for me to prefer the Moretti over the Vetro, but in this case - I have to say - that batch is unusable. Conclusion: There is a batch of Vetro 212 out there that has huge air bubbles in it - which you can't see because it's opaque, but is making the glass shock. I am giving up on that batch. The surface of the Vetro 212 has a rather unpleasant dirty feel, that doesn't wash off - if you have a batch of this - consider yourself warned.

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