Monday, February 11, 2019

CiM 473 Eclectus Parrot

Gawd, this is a gorgeous colour. This whole CiM intense juicy green batch of colours just makes me want to make things in green.

Just for the eye candy - here we have Eclectus Parrot along with the rod.

Now, if you have looked up Eclectus Parrot - to see if there is such a thing as an Eclectus Parrot, you will discover that indeed, you could have also named a shade of red or violet as Eclectus. Because while the male is a beautiful shade of green (this shade), the females are red and blue, and for the longest time, no one realized they were the same species. "Hey, I can't get this cage full of green parrots to breed." "Funny, I have a cage full of red and purple parrots that won't breed either."


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