Saturday, January 19, 2019

CiM 688 Wisteria and comparison CiM 660 Crocus

In the new run of colours from Creation is Messy is a shot at making colours that match but have different translucencies. So in the case of this new colour Wisteria, it was to be a more translucent version of 660 Crocus.

I would say that they nailed it.

 On the left (in both photos) is the Wisteria, on the right, the Crocus.

Four self coloured spacers from the left, in Wisteria, and one Crocus on the right. You can definitely see the crocus is translucent, while the Wisteria is little misty.

 Same, shot with flash. On my phone.

Because my photo booth is back there somewhere ... 

and the other end of the office looks like this. 

Turns out, there was no insulation in the walls. The window has a better R factor than the walls. :-(

yay for 60's construction.

Anyway - Wisteria - super nice. Perfect match for Crocus.

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