Wednesday, May 30, 2018

CiM 623 Cleopatra

CiM Cleopatra is a super dark, dense transparent purple that is easy to mistake for black in bad lighting.

The point of  this is not to use it by itself, but to use it in applications where a regular colour would disappear. Think super thin layers. Think shards. Think cane and stringers.

This flower is 3 dots of periwinkle, partially melted down, a cut into the dot vertically with a razor tool, a dot of cleopatra on each petal, melt down, poke the center, trap air bubble and encase. I have a video of flowers, in case you are looking for a brush up on the technique.
 This is super fine trails, melted in.
 And this is a cored-cane made by encasing periwinkle with Cleopatra, pulling about a meter of cane out, and encasing the bead, and melting it down.
You can see from this, there is a lot of potential for using ultra-dense colours!

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