Saturday, October 14, 2017

CiM 728 Canoe

Canoe - what a beautiful colour! It reminds me of Canyon de Chelly. I strongly suspect that this will do some interesting things with silver, but until I try it - I'm not sure what. Other testers are also loving it, and reporting nice reactions.

I tried working this at different temperatures, and I have to say - across the board, I got pretty consistent results.

This little unicorn horn was worked quite cool - just warm enough to twist.

This pressed starburst - I worked it very hot - this glass goes clear when very hot, then white, and back to brown as it cools. This was heated to clear, and then stamped with a graphite press tool, on a a graphite marver, which  cooled it very rapidly.

There is some variation in colour - I didn't get it quite as hot at the wire end when firepolishing it, but for a streaky glass - this compared to the other pieces are pretty consistent.

I'm looking forward to experimenting with this one some more!

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