Friday, January 20, 2017

Effetre 023 Mosaic Green

This is one of those colors that lurks in your stash, waiting to be rediscovered. The reason that it is particularly effective at lurking is that it looks like rods of black. And you think - oh, a stash of black (if you have lost the label) - and then you use it, and blammo - not black.

Which may or may not mess you up. 

You see the green as it cools when you are working it - so it doesn't come out of the kiln a complete surprise. The rods might be all black, or they may have some green streaks. It is a creamy, soft color to work - which is your first indication that you do not have a black on your hands.

It is, apparently, a copper-laden green - judging from the red patches of reduction that can form accidentally if you are not working in a balanced flame. 
 And it doesn't alway convert fully to green, with some areas staying quite dark. I have not yet successfully figured out if this is a function of heating, whether I can control it, or if it is due to heterogeneity in the glass (uneven mixing).
 If you reduce it deliberately (cool, reheat in the tip of a low oxygen flame) - you get a rather interesting antique copper lustre, reminiscent of some of the Devardi glass photos. (I tried the devardi glasses - never got the results.) However - these went into the kiln with extensive, all-over reduction, and came out with mere traces - so whether that is the glass, or just my reduction eating kiln, I'm not sure.

Fun, eh? Lovely little color, this one.

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