Monday, September 12, 2016


Double Helix Khaos. Looking over my past notes - my results have not been too spectacular. However, I found the "Striking Guide" on the Double Helix website, and applied it to the Khaos, even though it is not listed on the guide.

I have to admit - I don't actually remember the rods being this honey/amber colour before.

I remember it as being a dark brown. I could be wrong, or this could be a different batch. 


 However, by following the instructions, I did get much nicer results.

this is Khaos, struck following the instructions. 

This has a little trail of Triton (I think) at the end - the dark blue. 

They do look different depending on the lighting, back lit vs front lit. 
Heat to translucent - not clear
cool to not glowing
strike at the tip to orange glow
fiddle with strike time or glow and strike a second time.

I like the first one with the blue haze better.

Honestly - I think the photos look better than real life though. You can see detail that you just don't notice otherwise.

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