Friday, June 17, 2016

Brass Wire Makes Bubbles

 So I heard about this thing where if you put brass wire in the bead and encase it  - you get bubbles.

So, I figured I'd try that. I had to dig around to find uncoated brass wire - because a lot of the craft and jewelry wire has nylon coating to prevent tarnishing. That may create bubbles, but would also probably create soot and noxious smells, so let's just avoid that, shall we?

This cabochon is Aurae, with a spiral of brass, and encased. How this manages to be Aurae is beyond me, but that's what my notes say.

And bubble it does. Can't say that I love it, but it does do it.

This cabochon has a layer of silver, and then a twisted, spiraled and flattened piece of brass wire, that created a pocket of bubbles at the side.

Weirdly, it appears to have a finger print in the glass, but I assure you, I did not touch the glass with my fingers. Perhaps I got a fingerprint on the silver foil and it got retained under the glass when the silver was melted off? What an episode of CSI that would make, eh?

Here's the big side bubbles. Not so attractive. 

I've seen some really awesome beads done with this technique, with the brass wire inclusions, and they are either better at it, or cleverer photographers than I am - both of which are possible.

I should maybe go back and try that Aurae again. I'm really not sure that I believe my own notes. ;-)

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